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Apr. 16th, 2015 | 03:22 am
mood: worried worried

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Update, of sorts

Oct. 28th, 2010 | 11:50 am

Man, I haven't been here in forever.  Not that I've been busy or anything, just that I don't have internet.  Oh, plus I got hit by a car so I've been at home, laid up in bed, mending.

I started Physical Therapy about 2 weeks ago, which is good.  Starting to walk again and bending my knee.  It hurts like a bitch but at least I'm not confined to a bed now.  However, it seems like all this work is for nothing because once my knee is completely healed I have one more surgery and I'll have ot go through PT all over again.  Ugh.  One day at a time, right?

Since I've had a lot of free time I've been getting sort of crafty.  Fixed my sewing machine by myself and made an apron.  I bought a sweater and put some ADORABLE little bear pockets on it.  Knit Logan a sweater and am now learning how to knit mittens.  I've also been baking a crap ton and just trying to stay busy, I guess.  Making lots of soup and trying to stay warm.

I have been eating a LOT less.  I don't know what the problem is.  I'm going through the same thing I went through 2 summers ago.  I have very little appetite and when I finally eat something I get very nauseous and get horrible heartburn, so I just try not to eat.  That was when I found out I was lactose intolerant.  Maybe I am allergic to something else now?  That's just what I need.  D:  At least my clothes are getting looser.  I like losing weight, but I am too poor to afford new clothes so these will have to do until I save up a little money.  Not that I'd be able to get them right away.  I need a car first.  And the holidays are coming up so I need to start  getting people gifts.  Somehow things will come together.

I know I'll be getting a small settlement of money what with the whole car accident deal.  My dad took on a lawyer friend of his and we are suing the lady that hit me.  I should be getting a few thousands dollars at the least.  I can get a decent car with that and maybe have enough left over for some new clothes and other things I need.  Glasses, contacts, etc.

Soon my life will be better.  But for now, I am a cold, poor cripple who needs to walk in bad weather to get to and from her appointments.

On the plus side, this will be over soon.  Logan has a job, so that's more income being brought into the household so the budget will loosen up a bit.  And I technically have everything I really need for now.  A good home, a wonderful boyfriend, and plenty of stuff to keep me busy around the home.  So maybe it's not a matter of what I don't have.  It might be a matter of appreciating what I already do have.